We Have Liftoff

Envisioning Your Place in the Orbital Age

Ever wondered what space can do for you?

The next great leap forward in human innovation is here.

Introducing . . . The Orbital Age. And it’s all happening in low-Earth orbit (LEO) a mere 250 miles above Earth’s surface―roughly the distance between Boston and New York. Before you know it, the journey from Earth to space will be an everyday flight, not just for astronauts but tomorrow’s business professionals.

Even more exciting? The new commercial space era will transform life here on Earth, generating incredible medical breakthroughs like 3D-printed organs and new cures for diseases, as well as producing revolutionary computing advances and inventions we can scarcely yet imagine.

In We Have Liftoff, positive futurist Michael Ashley and visionary space exploration leader Tom Vice envisage a near future where regular people live and work in space, exploring untold entrepreneurial opportunities and scientific developments. Switching between genres with each chapter, We Have Liftoff will take you on a unique, exciting voyage through a movie script filmed in space, a gourmet menu best consumed in microgravity, journals recording medical advances through 2088, and more―all to imagine the coming marvels of space travel.

With insights from professionals revolutionizing the industry at Sierra Space, a leading commercial space exploration company at the forefront of space innovation and commercialization, We Have Liftoff will show you what was once deemed science fiction will soon be reality.
We Have Liftoff 3d Book cover