Vibrant Vulnerability

Mastering Philanthropy for Today and Tomorrow's Healthcare CEOs

Collapsing operating margins and ever increasing needs are forcing today's hospital leaders to (re)calculate where to find needed resources for their communities. Might the answer be the one area where they have the least experience: philanthropy?

Vibrant Vulnerability bridges that knowledge gap by facing this critical issue head on.
And while the thought of fundraising might seem uncomfortable, or even foreign, to most healthcare leaders, the history and growth of healthcare across the United States is littered with philanthropy. In addition, the CEO (and the C-Suite) is in the perfect “power position” to partner with communities to find the resources needed to improve health outcomes.

Even so, to ensure healthcare leaders don't feel as if they are “individual trailblazers”—going out on a limb in this area— authors Hallett and Ashley connect the historic leadership journey of other CEOs—those in Higher Ed—to today’s healthcare CEOs. Also, the authors interviewed key clinical leaders concerning their own experience with fundraising.

Ultimately, CEOs and other healthcare leaders are best poised to learn how to best leverage emergent power dynamics, internal politics, community engagement, and strategy/planning through this book. Moreover,Vibrant Vulnerability also reveals the core five areas to increase fundraising knowledge—and attain unprecedented organizational success.

The last word on this subject comes from a subject matter expert Hallett and Ashley were so grateful to interview as part of developing this material. When asked how important it is for the CEO to ACTIVELY be involved in philanthropy:

“It's essential." ~Marc Harrison, former CEO of Intermountain Health, and healthcare leader.