This Works Marketing: The Proven System Generating Billions in Sales for Brands and Every Size Business

Ken Kerry is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Script to Screen, a direct-response marketing agency with 30 years’ experience transforming companies, such as Bare Minerals, Keurig, Oreck, and Bose into bestselling brands. He developed This Works Marketing based on consistent feedback from clients who have experienced massive results. As they’ve told him, “This really works!”
The following indispensable guide, filled with actionable steps and exercises, provides time-tested methods to establish international, billion-dollar brands. No matter your business size or industry, Ken’s marketing secrets are proven to boost your sales and enhance your revenue. Why this works? The process of selling a product or acquiring new customers all comes back to this book’s fundamental truths.
Featuring a foreword by David Oreck, CEO of Oreck Corporation and endorsed by Montel Williams, each chapter offers Ken’s proven tactics you can use today to maximize your sales and customer retention. His strategies have yielded incredible results for some of the biggest names in business—now it’s time to discover how This Works Marketing can make your marketing work for you.