The Six-Figure Writer

THE SIX-FIGURE WRITER is the result of the search to answer a simple, but important question: what is the best way to build a profitable writing business?
Based on an innovative new paradigm, this guide seeks to empower fellow writers. It provides concrete techniques, strategies, and steps not just to make a living, but thrive.
Michael Ashley is a traditionally trained writer holding an MFA degree. Sham Shivaie is an entrepreneur and blogger. Together, they bring distinct expertise as well as unique perspectives.
Their key message is to approach the profession like an entrepreneur while preserving creative passion to achieve maximum success.
Please see the following testimonial:
“For nearly a year now I have been contemplating on whether or not to follow my passion and pursue writing as a career. So for me, this book could not have been written at a better time. I have read a few books on the business of writing; this book is the best that I have come across thus far.
Each chapter is filled with valuable information, and insight for making money as a writer.
What caught my eye initially was the “six-figure” title, and it really resonated with me. Most books I have come across try and sell you pipe dreams, or try and make it sound like becoming a best-selling author is easy. Sure, who wouldn’t want to make a million dollars, but for me personally I’d be more than happy earning six figures a year, doing a job I love, and supporting my family. This book doesn’t sell the preverbal snake oil, instead they focus on helping guide you to set realistic and reachable goals.”