The Dissolution Solution

A Divorce Lawyer's Advice on the Best Ways to Part Ways

As a financial advisor with decades of experience, my first question to clients was always, “What’s in your movie?”

That’s because I wanted them all to best live out their retirement years. My approach has always concerned the realm of imagination. More than any other artistic medium, movies have inspired audiences to dream bigger. Grander.

My query was therefore meant to tap into their deepest desires and aspirations, to empower my clients, helping them open the floodgates of their minds. Put simply: to picture what the next chapter in their life might entail.

Beyond allowing future retirees the freedom (and encouragement) to dream, this book emphasizes the need for proper planning and financial strategy.

What follows is a memoir of sorts describing ways in which I helped my clients. Also packed with movie trivia and tidbits, it’s meant to be a fun read, transplanting the magic of Tinseltown with the necessary fiduciary advice you will need to not just survive—but thrive—in your life’s next and final chapter.

Meant for neither the very rich nor the very old, it offers guidance to hardworking professions in many categories:
- Entrepreneurs
- Professionals (doctors, lawyers, dentists, accountants, etc.)
- Pre-retirees
- People who aren’t confident about their finances
- People who don’t think they can afford lofty goals
- People who have received unexpected wealth (such as inheritances or lottery winnings), yet don’t know what to do with their money
- People with very specific retirement goals
- People who have a delicate situation involving parents and/or adult children who have wealth in a special-needs trust
- People changing careers
- Professional athletes
If you find yourself on this list, and even if you don’t, this material may be for you.

This book, like the storyboarding completed by creatives before a movie enters production, will arm you with an understanding of what you need to accomplish for a happy, secure retirement. Just as storyboards enable a crew to know where to position the cameras and how many car chases they will film, it will provide fundamentals upon which to build your own retirement plan.

Readers can expect to learn about the following topics:
- How to develop financial empowerment
- How to generate trust in yourself and your financial adviser
- Diversification as a strategy
- Overcoming built-in biases about investing
- Establishing sound financial habits
- How to make the right financial decisions for your future
- Building a positive attitude toward money
- It’s not all about money! It’s your body, mind, and soul, too.
- Creating generational wealth by teaching kids and grandkids about money
Want to grow your wealth, setting up yourself up for future success? Read on.
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