Renegotiate Your Existence: Unlock Your Impossible Life

You have an idea. You get excited. And a moment later you're silently telling yourself how it's impossible, listing all the ways in which you can never have what you want. The reasons are logical, valid, and "true." The more you think about it, the more impossible it seems. You feel defeated before you even attempt something.
But what if you're wrong? What if it could be proven to you with science-backed information that your reality is malleable? What would be the difference in your experience in this world if you made the impossible possible? Are you ready to find out?
"Renegotiate Your Existence" challenges what you believe and provides you with new skills and the science behind them so you can achieve the very things you have been telling yourself are impossible—and things you haven't yet imagined——in a fraction of the time you thought it would take.
This work isn't the result of personal development. It's due to personal destruction. It's a journey that will lead you to discoveries that will create the sustainable changes you want. It simplifies the creation, validation, and recreation of your current reality so you can hack and reinvent it. It's not complicated. It's just not easy.
By learning the science-backed skills contained in this book and reading the heart-centered stories about how they were employed, you will renegotiate your existence and unlock your impossible life.