Remember to Breathe: Growing Through the Stages of Grief

Joseph Fannell was just twenty-two years-old when he lost his life, the victim of a senseless car accident. A brother, an uncle, a budding spoken word performance artist, and an expert at sinking two and three-pointers, he was most of all, my beloved son. What does it feel like to lose your child? How can any parent ever expect to endure such grief?
These are just some of the traumatic questions that have haunted me since hearing the news no mother, no parent, is ever prepared to receive. Remember to Breathe chronicles the stages of my journey through loss. It describes my agony, sadness, and challenges. Certainly, everyone's path through suffering is personal and unique. Yet, by presenting what I endured, it's my sincerest desire this story lightens someone else’s load. By opening up, by showing the good along with the bad, perhaps my story will offer you a bit of solace and some needed hope that you, too, will get through the very worst life can offer. Even if it’s just one day at a time.
For too long, religion has bred ghastly atrocities. Science has also unleashed the nightmare of the atomic bomb. It is time to pioneer innovative ways these opposing systems can finally work together for good.
The world appears dark at this moment. Hunger, inequality, violence, racism, and terrorism threaten existence. Understanding how faith and technology can unite sworn enemies offers opportunities for unprecedented global change and transcendence.