Power of 4

How Christian Men Create Purposeful Lives By Not Going It Alone

There’s a war on men. Often couched in pseudo-serious terms like “male toxicity” or “patriarchy,” the effect is the same: Men are under fire. Unfortunately, the losers in this strife aren’t just men wrongfully vilified. No, we are all victims of a red-hot cultural battle. Today’s boys are especially vulnerable to a society that attacks them for the crime of being themselves.
This desperate situation is untenable and must change. Due to a strong sense of tradition, integrity, and faith, Christian men are poised to overturn this sorry state. Emulating a winning strategy found amongst so many accomplished women, today’s Christian males can learn to develop their own needed local support systems in loyal brotherhoods dubbed “Power of 4.”
Establishing and enabling deep emotional connections is critical to strengthening male friendships at a time when men are under siege. Created and maintained in ad-hoc formations, these quartets serve as mini battalions. Not only do they reinforce emotional bonds, but they also serve as sounding boards for men, enabling them to take on many modern challenges.
The Bible tells us that this fallen world is akin to a sewer, a cesspool of sin bolstered by selfishness. As strong men, especially as heads of households, our daily job is to evade the filth. We must also guide our families out of the mire. What makes this task so hard is the grime’s alluring nature. It’s easier than ever to be tempted by any number of sins: lust, drugs, alcohol, pride, etc.
Power of 4 offers the remedy. Empowering men to draw strength from one another, not the sick society targeting them, it shows us how to stay out of the sewer. Evading such filth gives men more perspective on life’s big picture. But it’s still not enough. The sewer’s pull never really goes away. Therefore, each Power of 4 session is one more chance for a committed group of four males to “come ugly”—to reveal their worries, regrets, and hopes. Meeting this way in Christian fellowship softens our hearts to our families and friends, yet hardens them against temptation, doubt, and fear.
Split into three parts, Part I discusses the challenges men presently face and the need for renewed brotherhood. Part II shows readers what this fellowship in Christ is like in action, offering real-life stories about brothers navigating their challenges. Part III offers best practices, giving readers practical tools and tips to get going—to be the men our loved ones and communities so desperately need.
Power of 4