Featured Podcasts

Changing the story podcast
Everything humanity has ever achieved once began with an idea. Ideas form our reality. And the best way to share ideas is via storytelling. Through telling stories we open the door to action for the greater good.
This is the purpose behind Changing the Story. Our podcast features a dialogue between thought leaders in which we offer a new story and a new vision as to what is possible to transform our world. Every week we consider ways in which we can improve society through the confluence of art, technology, culture, and innovation. The format is free form and casual, intended to provide a plurality of ideas to move our collective conversation toward positive change.
Artistic Intelligence podcast
Brought to you by the United Nations, Artistic Intelligence explores the re-imagination of our world through art and AI. We pursue questions like: How can machines enhance rather than replace what humans do? Where should the human end and the machine begin, or is it human and machine collaboration? How do artists use emerging technology to create new modes of artistic expression? How can artists working with AI contribute to reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals?