Never Alone

Never Alone: A Man's Companion Guide to Grief

Men don’t do grief well. Fearing vulnerability, we shut down and shut others out. This is to be expected in a society that also doesn’t handle grief well. Instead of preparing us for this unavoidable moment, our culture promotes an unrealistic—and unhelpful—view that we will all live forever.

Driven by his own struggle after the death of his beloved wife, Linda, Dr. Steven Bagley shares his journey through grief. In it, the reader is bound to see elements of their own experience. Intended to help congregations, support groups, and families, Never Alone is a Christian companion guide to loss.

We can’t avoid pain, but we can improve how we face it.

As the leaders of our households and examples to our sons, men must get better at how we manage grief. Importantly, we don’t behave the same way as women do in the face of tragedy. Acknowledging this truth, the following story of faith shines a needed light on how today’s Christian men can better cope with loss through love and ultimately, acceptance.