From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPs of Leading

From Expert to Executive: Mastering the SOPs of Leading illustrates the importance and power of demystifying, deconstructing, and rebuilding our notions of leadership in a bid to overcome the most pressing crisis facing modern organizations and their members: not enough leaders are actually leading.
Too frequently, new and veteran leaders are left to find and travel the road from subject matter expert to executive alone. And, even when we do support them, we often doom our efforts to failure by overloading development programs with training on interpersonal skills and leadership styles (an approach which wrongly assumes these leaders already know how to differentiate their work from the team’s).
A far cry from a dry textbook, From Expert to Executive succeeds in depicting real-life leadership scenarios through the eyes of six fictional leaders and one applicant across more than a decade. It is a must-read, delivering tangible guidance to new leaders grappling with their responsibilities, veteran executives searching for scalability and sophistication, and mentors trying to simplify coaching conversations.