Evolution By God: Creating Peace and Harmony Between Religion and Science

Hidden within the Bible is a monumental oversight with the power to reimagine our concept of the creator. Once we understand this truth, we can end the war between believers and skeptics. Moreover, this revelation can solve humanity’s greatest challenges.
From space travel to the internet, the last century delivered incredible breakthroughs, redefining mankind’s capacities. Our ethics, however, remains woefully unevolved. We must now learn a new conduct code for the 21st century.
For too long, religion has bred ghastly atrocities. Science has also unleashed the nightmare of the atomic bomb. It is time to pioneer innovative ways these opposing systems can finally work together for good.
The world appears dark at this moment. Hunger, inequality, violence, racism, and terrorism threaten existence. Understanding how faith and technology can unite sworn enemies offers opportunities for unprecedented global change and transcendence.