Catch the White Tiger: How I Achieved the American Dream With $28

In 1971, civil war raged in Tony Assali’s home country of Lebanon. The oldest of five children, Tony had no choice but to come to America alone, establishing a foothold so that one day the rest of his family could join him. Thrilled, yet frightened at the same time, Tony knew it was up to him to make it with so many people depending on him.
Luckily for Tony, all his life he possessed a special skill: the ability to perceive “White Tigers,” rare and valuable opportunities other people either do not see or are too afraid to pursue. Using his powers of persuasion and relentless work ethic, Tony landed job after job, always with an eye on earning more money, to obtain the American dream.
From humble beginnings working in a doughnut factory, Tony became the most sought-after waiter at a high-end restaurant; from there, he parlayed his charm into a position selling men’s suits by the thousands. At the same time, he fulfilled his promise to his family, bringing all of his loved ones over, getting them jobs, and helping to establish lives for them in America.
Never content to rest on past wins, Tony dared to dream bigger, originating the idea to sell hummus, a Mediterranean staple from his homeland, in American grocery stores across the US.This White Tiger caught on in a big way, making Tony a millionaire by the time he sold his food company in 1980s.
Yet, still Tony hungered for more. He came out of semi-retirement to challenge himself once again selling meat door-to-door, just because he liked the thrill of closing. He sold so many items, shattering all of the company records, that the computer couldn’t keep up with him. Yet, in spite of so many triumphs, Tony still hadn’t found the White Tiger he was really looking for — the right woman to make his life complete.
After four marriages, Tony at last caught his White Tiger, the love of his life. The problem was, she was already married. Never the type of person to let an objection stop him, Tony found a way to land his ultimate White Tiger while creating his final economic empire, a lucrative real estate business in Sunny Orange County. Featuring a foreword by Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, and endorsements by Michael Gerber, author of The E-Myth and Wing Lam, founder of Wahoo’s.