Building the Next American Century

How Tech Can Help Reboot Our Physical World

We’ve placed a huge emphasis on digital innovation in the 21st century. But during the tech revolution, we’ve seen a huge and widening gulf between the cost of analog goods/services compared to the cost of digital technology. For instance, as WIFI and apps' prices have fallen, costs for essential services, like housing and healthcare, have skyrocketed.

It's clear that our digital prowess has advanced—while our analog systems—the very items underpinning so many of our innovations, including AI—has woefully stagnated. Meanwhile, poor infrastructure is an added inflation to us all. (Example: Poor roads lead to less efficient mileage/need for more car repairs, etc.) More alarmingly, deleterious consequences of outdated infrastructure, especially surrounding essential services are no longer 5-10 years down the road. They are a problem in our PRESENT. The importance of maintaining physical infrastructure, such as airports, power grids, schools, and hospitals has never been greater, or more obvious. Both red and blue states are suffering, indicating a need to act. Before it's too late.

Now for the good news!

We can turn around America with the right mindset (optimism) and an appeal to our growing (digital) capabilities. In the following eBook, we demonstrate that a successful future requires a healthy balance between digital innovation and physical infrastructure improvement. While many people feel pessimistic these days, we have the very best tools at our disposal to tackle our biggest issues. And that should be a source of hope. Now we just need to summon the will to do better. If we get this right, we may just be looking at… the next great American century.
Building the next American century