Power of 4

Power of 4

How Christian Men Create Purposeful Lives By Not Going It Alone There’s a war on men. Often couched in pseudo-serious terms like “male toxicity” or “patriarchy,” the effect is the same: Men are under fire. Unfortunately, the losers in this strife aren’t just men wrongfully vilified. No, we are all victims of a red-hot cultural … Read more

Generosity Crisis

The Case for Radical Connection to Solve Humanity’s Greatest Challenges Progress. It is one of the defining expectations of the modern era. But are continued improvements to the human condition assured? What would happen if the only institutions explicitly committed to feeding, healing, sheltering, educating, enlightening and nurturing our communities went away? In The Generosity … Read more

Never Alone

Never Alone: A Man’s Companion Guide to Grief Men don’t do grief well. Fearing vulnerability, we shut down and shut others out. This is to be expected in a society that also doesn’t handle grief well. Instead of preparing us for this unavoidable moment, our culture promotes an unrealistic—and unhelpful—view that we will all live forever. Driven … Read more

Decoding Talent

Decoding Talent Book Cover

Harness the power of artificial intelligence in hiring The typical hiring process is fraught with complexity, inefficiency, and bias and often shuts out the most talented candidates. Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle makes the case for using complex advanced technologies to move past these problems toward effortless … Read more