Michael Ashley

A former Disney screenwriter and professional speaker, Michael Ashley is the author of over twenty-five books on numerous subjects, including four bestsellers. Michael serves as a columnist with Forbes, Entrepreneur and Green Entrepreneur. Prior to starting his own creative content agency, he began his career as a playwright and a newspaper reporter. A former screenwriting professor at Chapman University, he has been featured in KTLA, Entertainment Weekly, The National Examiner, the United Nations’ ITU News, The Orange County Business Journal, Fox Sports Radio, and The Orange County Register. The co-host of Changing the Story Podcast and United Nations’ Artistic Intelligence series, Michael serves as a story consultant for companies on how to best convey their messaging.
Michael Ashley is a Wordsmith Hero! You must read his writing.
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Our Services

1. Ghostwriting

Want to be considered an expert in your field? A thought-leader? The results are fantastic: more speaking/media appearances, more consulting opportunities, and more revenue. The best way to achieve this coveted perception is via publishing a book, the 21st century business card. But if you’ve never written a book before — or don’t have the time — collaborating with a ghostwriter is optimal. To date, we have ghostwritten nearly 30 books for our clients, including four bestsellers. You could be published next.

2. Content Strategist

It’s no accident we tell parables to kids to help them make sense of the world. As humans, we are hard-wired to understand life through storytelling. And yet, so many business organizations fumble telling their story. As a professional speaker/former Disney screenwriter, Michael is well-versed in messaging principles to best present your organization, leading to more conversions.

3. Storyteller

It’s not enough to have good ideas. You need to share them with decision-makers to compel action. So how do you connect with hearts and minds? Through storytelling. Michael actually wrote (many) books on this subject and speaks about it for a living. Collaborating with him will help you reach a bigger audience, eliciting buy-in your for your company.

4. Speaker

An in-demand professional speaker, Michael has spoken to dozens of organizations on a range of subjects, including AI/Big Data, storytelling, business ethics, and transforming our world through the power of words. A proponent of the Ted Talk approach to speaking, his talks transcend PowerPoint. They are immersive experiences filled with humor, stunning images, and compelling narratives.

5. Author

To date, Michael has authored more than 20 books on numerous subjects. Here are some highlights: He cowrote It’s Saturday Morning with a foreword by Howie Mandel, featured in Entertainment Weekly. Own the AI Revolution written with Neil Sahota, launched at the United Nations and was recognized as a top 2019 business by Soundview. In addition to four bestsellers, Michael also penned Fiction in a Weekend and The Six-Figure Writer, empowering fellow writers to reach their goals.

6. Podcasting

Everything humanity ever achieved began with an idea. And the best way to share ideas is via storytelling. This is the purpose behind Changing the Story. In each show, thought leaders like the inventor of Pictionary, the former managing director of Penthouse and an Oscar-winning producer offer their vision to transform our world. Michael also cohosts Artistic Intelligence in partnership with the United Nations. Exploring art and A.I., it pursues the nature of reality and what it means to be human.

7. Magazine Columnist

Michael is a contributing writer to Entrepreneur, Green Entrepreneur and Forbes in which he writes about issues pertaining to artificial intelligence and Big Data. A former columnist with Newsbase, covering the energy sector and a newspaper reporter, Michael consistently generates content with a positive futurist bent. A Philosophy major, he uses his humanities background to delve into crucial ethical issues — even when covering business topics.

8. Copywriting/ Website Copy

Michael and his team work with companies in multiple sectors to produce thought-provoking content, including website copy to best communicate their value proposition to prospects and clients. The process begins with a proprietary worksheet asking a host of thorough questions to best understand your organization and showcase your offerings.

9. Screenwriting

A former screenwriter for Disney and professor at Chapman University, Michael has extensive experience producing video content. Not only did he start in development for the head of the literary department at Creative Artists Agency, he has worked in the writer’s room for several TV series. He uses these skills to screenwrite/produce video content for clients.

10. Book Editing

Often, authors come to Michael with a book they have written, requesting feedback and input. Possessing extensive experience as a coach and mentor, Michael is happy to read your material, guiding you to produce the best possible content. One of the books he edited for a client landed him on Inside Edition! He helped another client win a prestigious award for his fantasy novel and would be glad to advise you on your book concept or manuscript.