Michael Ashley is a Wordsmith Hero! You must read his writing.
Michael E. Gerber
Author Of The E-Myth Book
Voted #1 business book by Inc. 500 CEOs
"Michael Ashley is a Wordsmith Hero! You must read his writing."
Michael E. Gerber
Author Of The E-Myth Book
Voted #1 business book by Inc. 500 CEOs

The Generosity Crisis

By Nathan Chappell, Brian Crimmins, and Michael Ashley
The Case for Radical Connection to Solve Humanity's Greatest Challenges

Progress. It is one of the defining expectations of the modern era. But are continued improvements to the human condition assured? What would happen if the only institutions explicitly committed to feeding, healing, sheltering, educating, enlightening and nurturing our communities went away?

In The Generosity Crisis: The Case for Radical Connection to Solve Humanity’s Greatest Challenges, authors Nathan Chappell, Brian Crimmins and Michael Ashley deliver a startling analysis of the changing nature of generosity in America and why its decline could herald the end of the modern non-profit. The demise of philanthropy is coming if we do not change course – in fewer than 50 years, we could be living in a world in which inequality has never been as stark or as dangerous.

The Generosity Crisis has been published with the explicit goal of inspiring a different future. In a world fractured by crises of generosity, reciprocity and love, what would it take to launch a return to humankind's inherent propensity toward interconnection?

The answer, argue Chappell, Crimmins and Ashley, lies in establishing radical connection – between us and the value-driven organizations that strive to improve life on Earth. They invite you to join an urgently needed conversation around generosity as an antidote to isolation and the requirement that technology be harnessed as the only scalable solution to reversing the generosity crisis by enabling radical connection; by inviting us to take society's most intractable problems personally.

As some of our most respected voices on corporate social responsibility, social impact, and AI’s place in philanthropy, Chappell, Crimmins and Ashley bring decades of experience working with the world’s most effective nonprofit and value-driven for-profit organizations – offering readers actionable insights from multiple vantage points.

Remarkable for the breadth and depth of its analysis, this ambitious book shows us that humanity's best days may very well lie ahead; but only if we’re willing to rethink everything we think we know about connection.


“Consumers have spoken: there is way too much content online. The smart way to engage an increasingly wary public is to combine AI insights for "relevance at scale" with a good old-fashioned human touch.”

Projects built upon collaboration between tech and humans—rather than those attempting to replace us with innovation—are thriving. As AI and Big Data mature in the medicine field, they are being harnessed for a new and surprising battle: the fight against the opioid epidemic ravaging America.

“Though Iscovich works in the tech sector, the very eye of the storm when it comes to perpetuating our 24/7/365 go-go culture, his new book bucks 21st century conventional wisdom by suggesting the best way to navigate our noisy new world is to reject constant novelty

Who would have thought truckers would (again) be so newsworthy? As the world watches what just went down in Canada, I can’t help but recall how this demographic came up not long ago—in a different context.

“There is another way to operate, one that rewards individual contributions and better serves organizations: Corporations must embrace the bottom-up mindset of scrappy startups.

“The virtues of the humble "routine" may seem antithetical to the risk-taking nature many entrepreneurs pride themselves on.

“There may be a tendency to view data manipulation and insecurity through the lens of good and evil, but that's too simplistic.

“Ultimately, the potential for greater human and machine symbiosis portends a remarkable alliance. Science fiction movies such as 2001:

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